“Combining an aerial view of Stonehenge with a ride in a helicopter is an experience not to be missed”

Enjoy the opportunity of seeing the amazing structure of Stonehenge and its intriguing formation from a unique perspective. This incredible monument is a popular visitor attraction from the ground, but is even more special to see from the air with no tourists obscuring your views of this special site. One of the most historic and interesting sites in the world, is best viewed from the air so that it can be fully appreciated. You’ll be treated to unbelievable views down onto the mighty Neolithic Stonehenge and the numerous burial mounds dotted around the ancient Salisbury Plain. Who knows, from this unique vantage point you might even shed light on why Stonehenge was built.

We now offer a Stonehenge Flight Voucher for just £115 per person (Approx 60 mins with 30 mins flying)

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Bespoke Helicopter Tour Service

Our bespoke tours provide great photo opportunities and give you the chance to make some unique and lasting memories, which you can share with family and friends when you are back on the ground.

What could be better than treating someone special to a unique day out, tailor made for their enjoyment? We can even supply a special hamper for them to enjoy as you fly together over the countryside and famous landmarks.

There’s no shortage of other interesting sites nearby. Select to fly over stunning sights such as the stones at Avebury, the Cerne Abbas Giant and the Uffington White Horse, Salisbury Cathedral’s mighty spire or the mysterious Wiltshire crop circles, but if you’d prefer, you can simply fly over the familiar streets of your hometown and even your own house.

If you’re stuck for ideas the friendly team at Stonehenge Helicopters will help you with suggestions. We will recommend tours based on your particular interests, availability and budget using our extensive knowledge of the UK. .

Why not fly over Stonehenge and then be taken into the inner circle for an exclusive private guided special access tour, beyond the fences after the crowds have gone

Contact us for a quote – it may be cheaper than you think: experts@stonehengetours.com

Stonehenge Guided Tours
The Stonehenge Experts

After thousands of years, Stonehenge has had a makeover. But visitors may initially feel something is missing: the prehistoric monument itself. Tourists will now arrive at a gleaming new visitor center about a mile and a half from Stonehenge. It’s a teasing introduction, with a 360-degree Cinerama-style “virtual tour” along with an exhibition about the Neolithic Britons who built Stonehenge starting 5,000 years ago.

Visitors look at the audio-visual exhibits at Stonehenge  Alastair Grant / AP

Visitors look at the audio-visual exhibits at Stonehenge Alastair Grant / AP

The busy road that once ferried thousands of cars a day past the stones is being closed and grassed over, and visitors now will be bused to the stones on a special shuttle. Or they can walk, exploring paths and an ancient processional route that for years has been cut in half by asphalt.

2014 will prove a vintage year to visit Stonehenge.  Join a guided tour from London and experience the new visitor centre for yourself.  Stonehenge Guided Tours also offer special access tours giving a truly unique experience within the inner circle of Stonehenge at sunrise or sunset.
Visit their website here: http://www.StonehengeTours.com
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