March 2011

Stonehenge special access tours
Our driver/guides are amongst the best Stonehenge experts in Britain. If you are looking for inner circle access, why not charter one of our luxury vehicles to collect you from your accommodation. 

How Stonehenge Special Access works.

English Heritage is the organisation which is responsible for managing

Stonehenge inner circle tour

Stonehenge inner circle tour

visitor access to Stonehenge. All special access slots, be they booked through agents, tour operators or directly are allocated by English Heritage. It is not possible to have special access to Stonehenge during normal opening hours and such visits have to me made either very early in the morning or in the early evening. English Heritage for very good reasons place tough restrictions on the maximum number of people that can use the special access during any slot and this number is 26 people (beware of travelling on a large coach group, as you may find that the hour that you have paid for is split into 2  X 30 minute slots). A Slot lasts for 1 hour and unless you have booked your own guide,  there will be no guiding provided by English Heritage and you cannot use the regular audio guides that are available during  the regular access times. For more information on booking special access slots visit the English Heritage website.

After you have found your slot, all you need to then is organise  your transportation and tour guide and this is where we can really help. We employ the very best driver guides available, who are considered to be experts on Stonehenge and the wider area. This means we can offer you a full tour covering Stonehenge and other places (such as Salisbury, Avebury  or Bath). This means you can make the most of your day out rather than just having 30 minutes or an hour at Stonehenge. When booking your Stonehenge special access with English Heritage, please remember to book 1 additional place for your driver/guide so that we can help unfold the mystery!

Best practice for securing a Stonehenge Special Access Tour

Contact English Heritage at: or by calling 0044 (0)1722 34 38 30 (Mon-Fri 9-5pm GMT)
When you have found which slots are available, contact us:
Neeless to say we are happy to make arrangements for you.

The Stonehenge Tour Company


DAY TOUR “5000 Years in a Day Tour
* Stonehenge * Salisbury Cathedral * Avebury * Medieval Village and Stone circle * Old Sarum Castle *

Magnificent Salisbury Cathedral with the tallest spire in England and medieval town, home to the original Magna Carta. Visit awe inspiring Stonehenge over 5000 years old; Avebury, Europe’s largest stone circle; ancient burial tombs; Old Sarum, an ancient hillfort and one of Britain’s earliest settlements. See mysterious chalk hill figures and any crop circles en route. Click here for full itinerary

DAY TOUR “King Arthur Day Tour
*Stonehenge * King Arthur’s Avalon * Glastonbury Tor * Avebury Stone Circle * Chalice Well Gardens * Glastonbury Abbey *

Visit Glastonbury Abbey, the final resting place of King Arthur; the tranquil Chalice Well Gardens – the reputed burial site of the Holy Grail and drink the red and white spring waters. Enjoy spectacular views from the Isle of Avalon, see giant chalk hill figures and explore Stonehenge and Avebury the world’s largest stone circle. Click here for full itinerary

DAY TOUR “Stonehenge Inner Circle Tours 2011 “
*Go beyond the fences after the crowds have gone home*

We offer a unique opportunity to go beyond the fences and touch the stones. We have arranged with English Heritage for you to experience a unique visit to this ancient sacred site – beyond the fences & after the crowds have gone home. Walk amongst the stones & experience the magical atmosphere within the inner circle. “A once in a lifetime experience” – click here for 2011 dates

DAY TOUR “The Great Heritage Trail™ Tour
*Stonehenge * Georgian City of Bath * Jane Austen’s Lacock * The Cotswolds*

We savour the atmosphere and Golden beauty of Bath, famous for its Roman history and elegant Georgian architecture. We spend over 3 hours in this World Heritage city including a comprehensive guided tour to the Roman Baths and Pump rooms. Afterwards we take a scenic drive throurh the leafy lanes of the Cotswolds visiting Jane Austen’s Lacock and then Stonehenge Stone Circle- Click here for full itinerary

DAY TOUR “Stonehenge and Bath – Late Departure “
*Stonehenge * Georgian City of Bath *

Our late departure time gives you the chance to enjoy a late breakfast before we head off to Stonehenge. Visit Stonehenge and enjoy a unique tour of the Roman Baths with our own Roman Soldier! Click here for full itinerary

DAY TOUR “Stonehenge, Stratford-upon-Avon, Bath and the Cotswolds Tour
*Stonehenge * Stratford-ipon-Avon * Bath *The Cotswolds*

Private tour of Shakespeares birthplace plus Champagne and Strawberry scones served in his garden! Click here for full itinerary

DAY TOUR “Romans, Royals and Ruins   
*Stonehenge * Georgian City of Bath * Windsor Castle *

Discover the secrets of Stonehenge and hear about the many myths, legends and mysteries associated with this awe inspiring ancient monument. Visit the Roman Baths and Museum – feel the heat of millions of gallons of naturally hot water that bubble up here every day. A scenic country drive along the ‘back roads’ takes us to Bath, famous for its elegant Georgian architecture, beautiful crescents, terraces and squares. As we head back towards London we finish the day with a visit to Windsor castle. Home to the Royal Family for over 900 years Click here for full itinerary

The Stonehenge Toiur Company