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Archaeologists say a 4,000-year-old tool kit found among the grave of a Bronze Age spiritual leader was used for working with gold.

  • A Bronze Age burial site in Wiltshire contained the skeletons of two people
  • One was buried with stone and metal artefacts indicating they were a shaman
  • Scientists have analysed these and found traces of gold on the surface
  • This suggests the shaman was also a skilled goldsmith and metalworker

The stone tool kit was found near Stonehenge more than two centuries ago but its use until now has been unknown.

Archaeologists from the University of Leicester detected traces of gold on their surface, indicating they were once used as hammers or anvils for metalworking. Pictured: Gold traces on stone used for polishing and smoothing

Researchers at the University of Leicester have re-examined grave goods discovered within the burial and found they were gold-working tools.

Lead author Dr Rachel…

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