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RESEARCHERS have made the breakthrough discovery that engraved chalk plaques at Stonehenge depict real objects and not only abstract patterns, as was previously thought.

  • The four chalk plaques were found in Stonehenge’s vicinity between1968–2017
  • Experts have said they are among the ‘most spectacular’ British engraved chalks
  • The surface of the plaques was mapped by Wessex Archaeology researchers
  • One of the plaquescontains a representation of a twisted cord, from real life

Engraved chalk plaques from the Late Neolithic found in the Stonehenge area depict real objects — not only abstract patterns, as previously thought — a study has found.

Considered among the most spectacular examples of Prehistoric British engraved chalk, the four plaques were found within three miles of each other from 1968–2017.

Two of the stones, for example, were recovered from the so-called ‘Chalk Plaque Pit’ as a product of the construction work to widen the A303 back in 1968.

The subject of extensive…

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