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Stonehenge Sunset VIP Access Tour

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If our scheduled Stonehenge coach tours do not suit you- maybe your travel plans don’t align with the tours, or you want something special for your family, or those you choose to travel with. Maybe you’re simply a VIP. Whatever the reason, a bespoke private tour of Wiltshire’s most sacred stones is what you need instead. The flexibility of the VIP tours ensures total convenience- whatever your itinerary. Our bespoke Stonehenge private access tour can be tailored to suit any requirements- an excellent way to add a truly unique experience to the list of your adventures.

As a VIP, with your expert guide, you will not only be acquainted with the prehistoric mysteries of the great monoliths but will also be shown the sights ‘off-the-beaten track’, unfrequented by coach groups. The landscape beyond Stonehenge is steeped in history, adding to the story of the stones and making for a more holistic experience. Not to mention the verdant beauty of Wiltshire’s landscape that you will have time to admire. The customised nature of the tour allows you to range as far as you like depending on what suits you.

The superiority of our customised private Stonehenge tours has been honed by 20 years of experience.  Today excellence is standard, and we are ratified by continued 5 STAR reviews on Trip Advisor and other quality review sites. Please take the time to browse the customer feedback and read the joy of others before we take you on your own journey.

The Stonehenge Access VIP Experience

This is a rare opportunity to visit the most mystifying Prehistoric site in the world. The special access tour gets you into the inner circle of the stones- either in the early morning (sunrise) or evening (sunset). The stones are closed off to the general public and you will be able to walk amongst the stones! The Stones true glory is magnified by the silence of the surroundings. It feels like it is just you and the stones, connected to their ancient mysteries in a new way.

In the evening after Stonehenge is closed to the public, or at dawn before it is open, we arrange these exclusive access tours for you. Without the distraction of the crowd you can truly appreciate the wonder of the UK’s greatest prehistoric landmark. Few people can claim to have walked amongst these most ancient stones, as our ancestors did, and to have felt themselves miniscule stood next to the giant sarsen stones towering 6.4 meters high and weighing up to 50 tonnes. Close encounters with stones endows the wanderer with a true appreciation of the mysteries of our history, but also the scale and majesty of our entire university- e specially when the transitioning sky above the monoliths provides the cosmos as the background to one of the worlds greatest wonders.

Normal viewing only permits access from the path that surrounds the circle. Instead of being passive you can Interact with 5,000 year old history- entering the enigma itself. Stonehenge dates from 3100BC- you will be walking where very few people have access, especially in recent years. And to accompany the up close experience with the stones, an expert tour guide will regale you with stories of its history, tales of its mystery and accounts of its magic. The sheer magnetic wonder of the stones is this enhanced by a thorough and entertaining mythology, the perfect partnership to leave you with the utmost special memories.

Our Stonehenge Special Access Tours (1-30 persons) can depart from London, Bath, Salisbury, Oxford, Southampton or any location in the South West of England.

Explore the beautiful South West of England in the luxury of your own private car, MPV or mini bus, enjoying the knowledge and expertise of our professional local Stonehenge experts.

Our Stonehenge private access tours can also include Bath, Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey), Salisbury Cathedral, Castle Combe, Windsor Castle, Winchester, Avebury Stone Circle, Lacock Village, The Cotswold’s or where ever you want to visit. We will help with your tour planning

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