The first crop circle of 2013 has appeared in Wiltshire between Stonehenge and Avebury Stone Circle.  Click here to view the image and location.

Crop-circle-at-wiltsWiltshire is well known for its crop circles and much mystery still remains as to why they occur and the meanings behind their complex formations.

Crop circles in Wiltshire often occur around the heart of the county in and around Avebury, usually first appearing in April and continuing into the summer months. The Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group established in 1995 to help the crop circle phenomena in all aspects. Within their website, the latest Wiltshire crop circles are published.

Crop circle code of conduct

Visitors are requested:

  • To seek permission from landowners at all times before entering private property.
  • To always use gates or stiles to enter fields – please do not climb over fences.
  • To close gates after passing through them.
  • Not to take vehicles into fields and ensure vehicles do not block landowners access points.
  • Where possible use ‘tramlines’ (where farmers’ tractors have cleared a path) to enter crop circles, so causing as little damage as possible to standing crops.