Something of the Marvelous

Stonehenge Ikea Well, the bad news is you put Sarsen A where Lintel B should go. The good news is that it should only take about 200 man-hours to fix it!

Stonehenge is one of prehistory’s engineering marvels. Many of us picture it as a ruined circle of stone, associated with druids, all kinds of astronomical observations, and maybe even magic. Unfortunately, most of that image is probably inaccurate. Fortunately, though, there is plenty of evidence that Stonehenge was both important and impressive.

One of the major things I found in my research (which I enjoyed so much that I decided to split it into two posts!) is that there’s relatively little that’s known for sure about Stonehenge. This makes sense once we remember that its building and all relevant activity at the site was prehistoric, with no written records to bear witness to details. Not only that, the earliest excavations were…

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