Stonehenge Access Tours – A unique opportunity!

2011 Stonehenge Private Access Dates released.If you are planning to visit Stonehenge Stone Circle in 2011 then plan ahead and book a special ‘inner circle’ access tour

Book an exclusive private viewing of Stonehenge. Stepping inside the “inner circle of stones” is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Tickets are limited and each group consists of 26 (morning) or 40 (afternoon) with your own guide. With a choice of sunrise or sunset viewings, and private access to the inner circle of stones, your visit to Stonehenge is sure to be a memory you’ll cherish. As an added bonus, you’ll avoid the huge crowds.

Private Viewing of Stonehenge – Click here to book

Most visitors to Stonehenge are not allowed direct access to the stones. On this special day trip from London, you’ll be invited to enter the stone circle itself, and stand beside the mysterious rocks towering above you. Your guide will unlock the secrets of this ancient UNESCO World Heritage Listed monument. Enjoy the peace, away from the crowds, as you experience Stonehenge at its atmospheric best at sunrise or sunset. Availability is strictly limited so book early, as private viewings regularly sell out and operate on selected days in 2010/2011 only.

Lacock is one of England’s most picturesque villages, dating back to the Saxon era. The village has provided the setting for many movies and television dramas, including Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Take a walk before enjoying an early evening meal (or breakfast for sunrise departures) in the George, a vintage English pub built in 1361. Note, meals are at your own expense.

Bath is beautiful Georgian city, and also on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Its most celebrated resident is Jane Austin, and Bath was her birthplace and inspiration for several novels. You’ll have time to visit Bath Abbey and the magnificent Roman Baths, or simply shop and explore. You also have the option of taking a walking tour to see where Charles Dickens lived and worked as a young man, and to sample fresh cheeses from the local dairy

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If you prefer not to travel as part of a group you could always organise a private tour that include access into Stonehenge inner circle – ideal for families and small groups.   The ‘StoStonehenge Tour Company’ have an excellent record with many years experience – click here

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