>The new visitor centre planned for Stonehenge in Wiltshire could open its doors by 2013 if funding can be found, according to a report in the Salisbury Journal.

It was announced earlier this year that the coalition government would not be providing the £10m funding promised by the former Labour administration towards the centre’s £27m price tag.
Operators English Heritage (EH) nevertheless decided to proceed with the project, which has already received planning permission.

At a meeting of Wiltshire Council’s Amesbury Area Board on 2 September, EH project development manager Martin Harvey said: “We believe the project remains absolutely achievable.
“If all goes well with the remainder of this year, we believe we can still start work on the site in 2012 and open for business the following year.”
He added that EH have put in an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund, and is completing current plans in the meantime using money from previous sources.

Needless to say we will be keepng a very close eye on this and will advise as and when we reciev news.

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