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What they say…………

“The druid beckons us to travel back in time with him, to find out all about the mysteries of Stonehenge. He swivels to face away from us; we follow him. Suddenly the land around us changes – we’re right in the heart of a dense forest, with all the plants, animals and atmosphere of Stonehenge brought to life right before our eyes.

“The druid carries on regardless. He turns, and he’s changed: his clothes have dated thousands of years. A quick smile and a wink reassures us as we’re whisked away through millennia of human history.

“And here we are – Stonehenge circa 2,400 BC, right around the time the last famous stones are being put in their fateful place. The giant megaliths resonate through the ages; just as breathlessly beautiful as they are today…”

This is just the smallest tip of an epic story we at Heritage Key are developing, in the journey through Stonehenge Virtual.


A place intertwined with history, controversy and ethereal mystery, Stonehenge has been a subject of speculation for centuries – its stones tell a silent story of thousands of years of clandestine ceremony, royal burials and celestial ambitions.

From the twisted bodies of the land’s first people, to the majestic beauty of the midsummer’s sunrise over its sarsens, Stonehenge raises just as many questions as it answers about life in prehistoric Britain.

Come with us!

Heritage Key invites you on an exclusive tour back thousands of years to the dawn of British history with Stonehenge Virtual.

•Explore the Neolithic settlement of Durrington Walls
•See the wonder of Stonehenge as it once stood over four thousand years ago.
•Interact with the people of the time, and take part in an ancient sunset ritual.
•Experience life as one of the ancient people who built Stonehenge.
Learn everything about Britain’s most spectacular prehistoric landmark. Explore the plants, animals and food which made Bronze Age Britain such an awe-inspiring place. Invite your friends along to a modern-day Druid ritual at the world-famous summer solstice festival, and learn about its greatest characters.

Incredible people

There’s so much more to the story of Stonehenge than its magnificent stones – fierce foreign warriors who came seeking magical medical redemption; powerful leaders who lived and died for the magnificent monument.

An amazing place

Stonehenge is one of the world’s greatest landmarks, with a history that never ends – and we want you to be able to explore it in all its incredible glory while you enjoy our Virtual Experience.

Unlock the wonders of Stonehenge with Stonehenge Virtual: Coming soon to Heritage Key. Go to website