English Heritage, working in conjunction with The National Trust, are fighting ‘tooth and nail’ to preserve the newly discovered ancient Henge found in Wiltshire, England.

Also located in Wiltshire is Stonehenge thought to have been erected in around 3000BC. Coincidently, Concrete Post Henge is only, a remarkable, fifty feet away from the former, just over a small hill. Chartered Surveyors were called to the scene immediately and were able to verify that the structure had been around since at least two days after The Big Bang. Primitive drill bit markings and circular saw striations were, apparently, the most obvious clues in the age determining process.

“I can’t believe we didn’t spot it before; it was right under our noses. The significance of this find cannot be underestimated. I’ve seen a few henges in my time, nobody knows what the heck a henge is yet, but I know this is a good one.”

National Trust stalwart Walter Ernest made only one comment to The Spoof:

“It’s a sad day here for us in Wiltshire. I’ve put my life, heart and soul into promoting ‘old stoney’ as the nation’s oldest treasure, since my divorce it’s been like a friend to me. No doubt some young bucks will get the job of looking after the new find and I’ll probably have to go back to a career
in druid stone circles now…”

Now that was funny! The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

This was from the Spoof website.